Manufacturing Process

Hotline Trading Corporation works on the very fair and square transparent system when comes to manufacturing processes. Not only mechanical setup but human skills are being continuously evolved for betterment each year to enhance the experience of our customers. Hotline Trading Corporation is a continuity of 15 years of manufacturing and craftsmanship. All of the workflow and methodology is embedded with ERP and SAP solutions to tap down each process for time and quality.

Raw Materials

At Hotline Trading Corporation we produce unmatchable quality of fabrics and auxiliary for the uncompromised quality of our products.

Fabric Inspection

Received fabric goes through several checks and inspections before going for production.

Designing and Pattern Making

Hotline Trading Corporation has installed digital pattern machines (DOT 220 Ultra Wide) for prompt and accurate digital patterns. Team of in-house designers creates 2D and 3D designs for customers.

Fabric Cutting

With the right pattern and quality inspected fabric, cakes of fabric go through the cutting process under the supervision of seasoned craftsmen.


Embellishment that includes, embroidery, heat transfer sticker, silk screen printing, and related protocols are carried out to brand customer's garments according to his requirements.


Sewing of all garments accommodated in vast facilities is one of the core strength of Hotline Trading Corporation .

Final Inspection and Packing

Final inspections are done in multiple disciplines before they are ironed, packed and dispatched